I am a student in the Department of Educational Sciences, studying Teaching the Mentally Handicapped program under the Education Faculty and I am a Cypriot citizen. I work with the Activity Section in this Summer School Program, which is very exciting because I get to experience new and different activities from time to time.

My hobbies include painting, taking a long walk, making dessert, I also love to plant flowers and spend time with children, teaching them easy ways to learn. I am always excited when I have an opportunity to spend time with kids. 

I love EMU Summer School because I get the opportunity to meet people from other cultures and learn from other teachers and students. I also love the fact that I get to be a mediator and translator between Cypriots and others who can understand English, this way, I am able to be of help and also get to make new friends. Also, summer is a very hot period and due to our activities, we get the opportunity to go to the beach and I very much love to swim.

My advice to people is to enjoy summer period because it is a time to have fun, meet new and different people and also learn a lot.