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I am a second year Radio, Television and Film Studies Student. I am from Benue state, the beautiful Food basket of Nigeria. I have a passion for cooking and Oh Yes I 'Love' Food. I think my love for food is probably linked to where I am from in Nigeria. I have an interest in learning languages. It is my dream to become a polyglot someday. Even though I enjoy reading and fantasize over what I read, I prefer to travel because living in a place is even more informative than reading about it. Meeting new people is something I enjoy. It gives me a less ethnocentric perspective about people and the world I live in. I would also love to go bungee jumping soon.

Being part of the 2016 International Summer School program has been amazing experience for me, aside from the fact that I enjoy free meals; I have also met some of the most interesting people on the planet.
I work with the dormitory and Restaurants team and we ensure that students enjoy comfortable accommodation and good food.
Eastern Mediterranean University Summer School program is very educative and I would recommend it to any international Student.