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I am Wesam Hamed a charming prince from Palestine. Currently I am studying my PhD in Finance and I also studied Banking and finance in my masters. I have participated in the Semester orientation program for 7 times and also 4 times in the EMU International Summer School I can justly say I'm quite experienced to assist the summer school students as well as other fellow assistants. However this year's Summer school I am working under Transportation, Databases, Monitoring and Security Section.

I was once a football player in our national football team when I was in my country, but nowadays there is almost no time for any activity. I like psychology because it is fascinating to understand the mind and behavior of people, I have tried psychology with a lot of "Ladies Mind" and it was interesting because sometimes I succeed, sometimes I failed. 

One achievement I am also proud of is the last "Palestinian night" that was held in EMU. As I was the author, creator and director of the show, and it took 4 months to work on it. There are things to hate and to love Summer School for, to love because it allows us to meet new friends, live the experience with them, enjoy, study and do everything while they are here. And to hate because it suddenly takes from us these wonderful people away after their program is done. 

A few words to the Summer School Participants "Always try to get your happiness from each second that you live".