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Olympic Games Organised by the EMU International Summer School

Olympic Games Organised by the EMU International Summer School
Published Date: Wednesday, 10 August 2016

EMU ISS is not only about almost unending class lessons, students also have the opportunity to partake in various activities organized as part of the Summer school program to ensure that their summer holiday is not just filled with class chores. As part of the activities, a mini Olympic was organized by EMU ISS on the 4th of August at the EMU Main Stadium, the organized mini Olympic was also a way for the ISS to connect with the ongoing Olympic games in Rio.The great team of Assistants ensured that everything was properly organized and every equipment needed was provided.

A series of connecting tasks were set up at the EMU stadium and the students were shared into teams of 4 Red, Yellow, Pink and Blue to compete against each other and see who finishes the tasks in the shortest time possible. Various assistants were assigned to be team leaders of the four different groups. Before the start of the games, the International Summer School Coordinator, Ozgur Tascioglu delivered a speech encouraging the athletes to put in their best to win the trophies for their teams. She also advised them to ensure they have fun. After the rules of the game were explained to the students, the game began with the Pink team, up next came the Blue, then Yellow and then Red teams. Members of each team ensured they put in their best to win the medals. 

At the end of the game, the Blue team emerged as the winners; they completed their tasks in 2:01min/sec and had a total score of 140 points. The records of the other teams are as follows: Red team 2min: 25secs they had 120points, Yellow team 2min: 47secs they had 110points, Pink team 2mins:50secs and they had 95points. Dau TV was there to witness the games and interview the participants and winners. Everyone had an awesome time even though only the Blue team went home with medals as a sign of their victory.

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