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Talent Competition Organised by the EMU International Summer School

Talent Competition Organised by the EMU International Summer School
Published Date: Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Filled in EMU ISS's big womb is a group of prodigious individuals, the Summer school participants and a team of agile assistants; their minds flow with rivers of innovation, creativity and outstanding talents. To celebrate these phenomenal kids, EMU ISS organized a Talent Hunt Night on the 6th of August 2016 where the kids had a platform to showcase their various outstanding abilities.

It was a night filled with fun, laughter, and good memories as the students, assistants and staff came out in their number to partake in the event. It started at 9:40pm at the Architecture Amphi and had Success Kel Ambrose as the MC for the night. Before the Talent show began, a guest, Triton was invited to grace the stage and he wowed the crowd with his freestyle poetry. Soon after him, a few assistants were called upon to display their singing and dancing talents and they did a pretty good job.

After enjoying the performance of the various assistants, the Talent Hunt participants were called upon one after the other to display their various outstanding talents.

There were so many talented singers actually, who sang their hearts out and just when we thought we had seen it all, a student magician came to blow the minds of the crowd. Our mouths were left wide open in wonder of how he was able to pull a card we had just seen in his hand out of a full orange.

So many amazing talents were seen that night but only one person could leave home with the prize, and the winner was Vitali Novikov from Russia who gave us a feel of the Russian Opera with his magnificent voice. He could almost not contain his excitement and he thanked EMU ISS for giving him the opportunity to shine.

Our days and nights at EMU ISS are always filled with one exciting event or the other, one of the few reasons we love EMU ISS so much.

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