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EMU International Summer School Organised a "BUBBLE FOOTBALL" Activity.

EMU International Summer School Organised a "BUBBLE FOOTBALL" Activity.
Published Date: Monday, 15 August 2016

At EMU ISS, we realized that no matter how properly planned an activity is, doing it the same way every time is rather boring. So we decided to shake things up a bit and play the traditional game of Football in a more fun way; Bubble Football.

Bubble Football is the creation of Lee Moseley. The game sees 14 players encased in zorb-like inflatable bubbles bouncing into each other as they fight for possession of the ball and try to score goals for their various teams.

With squeaky clean sneakers and teams ready with beaming smiles, ISS students, staff and assistants came out to the EMU AstroTurf on the 9th of August to participate in the rather fun and hilarious bubble football game. It's definitely more light-hearted than regular football and playing the game whilst listening to the DJs rhythm spiced it up more. It's not something that we think we'll ever get bored of doing either.

Honestly, it doesn't hurt at all, it's like you are actually in a bubble and if you fall, you can bounce right back up, sometimes it's hard to get up only because you are laughing so hard at yourself and at other people.

It was an overwhelmingly hilarious game, a game we would play all day if we had the chance to. We could all not contain our excitement and we look forward to more games like this that would make us laugh our hearts out.

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