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EMU International Summer School Organised an Iranian Night

EMU International Summer School Organised an Iranian Night
Published Date: Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Thursday the 25th of August marked the last "Theme Night" to be organized by EMU ISS; it was Iranian night and it was themed as "Nowruz". Nowruz is a significant traditional holiday celebrated by Iranians over the world to mark the beginning of the New Year; it is the most important holiday in Iran. The Summer school coordinator gave a welcoming speech to the guests, thanked them for coming and urged them to enjoy the display of the rich Iranian culture.

The hall was beautifully decorated in the Iranian style and a brief history of the Nowruz was given to the audience. To celebrate Nowruz, special traditions are done; most important amongst them is the Haft Sin. This is a special table setup with 7 different items Sib: Apple for Beauty, Sabze: Grass rebirth, Serkeh Vinegar: symbolizing old-age and patience, Seer: Garlic symbolizing medicine and health, Somaq: symbolizing sunrise, Senjed: symbolizing love, Colored eggs, some gold coins and the Holy book. All these items were displayed on the Haft Sin table and they were a sight to behold.

A video presentation was displayed to portray the magnificence of Iran, shortly after there was music and dance rendition enjoyed by the guests. A delicious Iranian Kebab delicacy was served and the guests ate with all relish, dessert was also amazing, very different from the meals we were used to.

Certificates were awarded to the students who had completed their summer school program and were set to go home. Everyone had a good time indeed. With much singing and dancing, the night came to an end. Everyone testified to having a good time throughout Summer School, we can hardly wait to see what EMU ISS has in store for us next year.

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