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The end of another memorable EMU International Summer School

The end of another memorable EMU International Summer School
Published Date: Tuesday, 20 September 2016

To Mark the end of yet another memorable EMU ISS, a closing ceremony was hosted on the 6th of September 2016. The event which kicked off at 9pm witnessed the presence of the esteemed Rector, Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam and the amiable Vice Rector, Prof Dr. Cem Tanova and other prominent members of staff, invited guests and assistants. The event began with a welcome and thank you speech from the Summer School Coordinator Mrs Ozgur Tascioglu, in her speech, she welcomed everyone in attendance, thanked the Rector for the opportunity to be the coordinator of the 2016 Summer school, and also thanked the wonderful team of assistants and teachers who helped ensure that 2016 ISS was memorable.

This year, a new craft, Glass Painting was introduced Into the Summer school activities with Mrs Kholod as the teacher. It is the art of painting images on glassware. During the ceremony, an exhibition table was set up to showcase the glass art of the students, some where presented as gifts to the Rector and Vice Rector.

Furthermore, a video presentation which had various testimonies from the summer school students and staff was played. In the video, they all testified of how much they learned from and enjoyed summer school. A few other people were called upon by the MC to speak o f their most treasured Summer School memories and each one of them had a priceless memory to share.

The guests were served with a delicious delicacy which they enjoyed, a salsa dance performance was rendered by the Salsa teacher and one of his students, also, the assistants and staff performed a song in solidarity. Certificates were awarded to each and every one who contributed to making Summer School a success. Even though the closing ceremony was a time to say goodbye, together we created a memory that would forever last in our hearts. We look forward to ISS 2017.

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