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It's EMU ISS Olympic Games

Published Date: Thursday, 3 August 2017

The uniqueness of an event has much to do with either its absolute or partial deviation from norms. International Summer School (ISS) of Eastern Mediterranean University, emanating from a tiny but sparkling, peaceful and touristic settlement of Famagusta in Cyprus lightened up this year ISS program with a fascinating Olympic event on Saturday 30th July 2017. Obviously, the choreographic look of the torch walk performance which mark the commencement of this evening event was charming enough to compel spectators that rendered a cheering atmosphere.

At this year's Olympic of EMU ISS, several track events of male and female categories lightens up the university stadium, the venue of the 2017 Olympic event. There were 100, 400 meters track races of the male and female categories. Slightly different was the 100 x 4 race that was a mixed-sex of two each and similar event performed by the International Affairs and promotion assistants and staff as well as their engagement in the obstacles race comprising of ten (10) players per group.

This new month of August heralds another set of ISS participants coming from diverse cultures, as they begin to settle down and be passionately involved in the various strategically prepared educative and all-round developmental activities.

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