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EMU International Summer School 3rd Gala Night

EMU International Summer School 3rd Gala Night
Published Date: Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The EMU ISS 3rd Gala Night themed 'International Night' was held on Thursday 10th August, 2017 at Rouge 21 Bar and Lounge. The evening event started with the attendance of the EMU International Summer School (EMU ISS) students, assistants and International Office Staff.

The old walled-city popularly known as the castle which is the location of Rouge 21 also known for its historic enclaves that always attract thousands of tourists yearly to North Cyprus. This also added to the historic nature of the venue.

Everyone had tastes of delightful varieties of delicacies and added to this was a captivated cinevision show. Afterwards, display of cultural wears and dances took place whereby the participants showcased their outfits from various countries.

At the close of the evening, there was a DJ performance and all in attendance danced and grooved in anticipation for another Gala Night.

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