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EMU international Summer School Organised Kantara - Karpaz Cultural Trip

EMU international Summer School Organised Kantara - Karpaz Cultural Trip
Published Date: Friday, 2 August 2019

During a short period of time, EMU ISS is organizing trips to as many locations as possible, to show as many beautiful, historical and unforgettable places to students as possible. This recent trip was to Kantara Castle.

Interviews with many of our students prior to the trip established that many of them are interested in historical locations. With this information; emphasis was on organizing the trip to Kantara Castle, a historical location in Northern Cyprus.

Kantara castle is the most Eastern castle of the island, located on the slopes of the Kyrenees Mountains at an altitude of 630 meters above sea level. The name comes from the Arabic word "Kandara" — bridge or "Kandak" — castle. In historical Chronicles, the castle was first mentioned in connection with the capture of the island by Richard the Lionheart in 1191.




It took a lot of effort to get to the castle due to its location, but it was well worth the deliberation. The picturesque road through which they get - meanders among the coastal hills and olive groves. Moreover, Kantara is a great place for contemplating the beauty of Cyprus. From here you can see Nicosia, Famagusta, small villages located in the valley of Mesaoria and Kyrenia.

Visit the Monastery of St. Andrew

Many people from all over the world pilgrim to North Cyprus to visit the ancient monastery of St. Andrew at Karpaz, to see the scenic views from the peninsula of the island and drink water from the Holy spring. EMU International Summer School provides this opportunity for students to come and look at this sacred, historical and magical place.

The monastery of the Apostle Andrew the First-Called and the holy source in Cyprus are located almost at the very tip of the Karpas Peninsula, in the Dipkarpas region. Apostle Andrew was a follower of John the Baptist. He was called by Jesus Christ to spread Christianity into the world. Large and smaller monasteries could be found throughout Cyprus. From the point of view of biblical history, the most important of these monasteries was the monastery of St. Andrew. There is still a belief that if you put a candle in the monastery and make a wish, it will surely come true soon. For EMU ISS it is very important to make sure that all our students experience everything that Northern Cyprus has to offer as best as possible, and that includes visiting such locations with a strong historical place in the world.



Karpaz – a corner of the earth, which is patronized by heaven.

Among other regions of North Cyprus, Karpaz is undoubtedly unique and is considered to be the most beautiful place on the island.  EMU ISS has a specific goal - to show and describe for students, who come to us for the first time, how beautiful Cyprus is, what it is famous for and why it is so valuable to know the history of this Island.

The Peninsula, which is 80 kilometers long, is probably the last corner of the Mediterranean with absolutely untouched nature. Karpaz is home to a variety of flora, fauna and ancient historical monuments. Karpaz has 20 registered historical sites, 5 archaeological sites, natural reefs, sand dunes, ancient quarries and the only national Park in Northern Cyprus. The Karpaz Peninsula is the most undisturbed part of Cyprus.








All of the students who participated in EMU ISS gathered a lot of memories from the tours, places, and activities provided by EMU International Office. EMU International Summer School is proud of our students and of those who visit us frequently, aiming to obtain huge baggage of emotions and unforgettable impressions of this stunning Island and EMU itself.




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