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Canteens and Cafeterias


International Summer School participants who have paid for meals in advance will be given tickets for each meal. If participants have not paid for meals in advance, they may purchase tickets on a daily basis after their arrival. Generally, breakfast and lunch are served on the main EMU campus, and dinner is provided at the EMU Beach club.

Eastern Mediterranean University Canteen and Cafeterias Unit consists of 16 cafeterias, 10 canteens, 11 snack rooms, and 9 snack kiosks. All businesses are managed by the Canteens and Cafeterias Unit. Canteen and Cafeteria Supervision Commission is established to control the compliance of the canteens and cafeterias to the standards and regulations. Hygienic control of workplaces, the quality of products, prices and other points specified in the contract are continuously checked. In addition, Famagusta Hospital Primary Health Services Department, Famagusta Municipality Police Chief and Health Unit, Famagusta Labour and the Tax Office are also involved in the control of the workplaces.

Canteen and Cafeteria Unit determines the maximum prices for businesses twice a year (February and September), taking into account current market conditions. Thus, Canteen and Cafeteria Unit provides academic and administrative staff, students and guests with healthy and good quality services at reasonable prices within the framework of the health rules and regulations.

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