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Care of Young Learners


Most young learners to our summer school come in groups and are accompanied by a group leader who is responsible for the welfare of the students at all times. Parents should note that, whether accompanied or unaccompanied their children:

  • Will be met by a member of EMU's International Office at the airport, and taken to their dormitory.
  • Will similarly be taken back to the airport, and seen through the check-in and departure procedures.
  • Will be accompanied by a member of the International Office on all trips and excursions, and under adult supervision at all times.
  • Will be issued a SIM card on arrival and required to contact their parents to confirm safe arrival.
  • Will be expected to attend all classes punctually; in the case of any absence, follow-up action is immediate.
  • Will receive health and safety guidelines for their stay.

 In the case of any particular requests or concerns, parents should contact our office at:, or by phone at: 0090 392 630 3202 / 0090 392 630 3203 / 0090 392 630 2089

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