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  • 2013-2016 MA, English Language Teaching, Eastern Mediterranean University - Thesis subject: Students' and Teachers' Perceptions of an Effective English Language Teacher CGPA: 3.48
  • 2015 (January) "Multicultural Classrooms", Workshop by Steve Darn
  • 2015 (January) "Grammar on the Rocks; Skills on the Beach", Session by Teresa Doguelli
  • 2013 IELTS Training, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • 2007- 2013 BA, English Language Teaching, Honors, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)
  • 2005-2007 BA, Psychology, Eastern Mediterranean University (uncompleted)
  • 2002-2005 Namık Kemal Lisesi (NKL) (Language Class), Famagusta, North Cyprus
  • 1999-2002 Eastern Mediterranean College (EMC), Famagusta, North Cyprus
  • 1993-1999 Şehit İlker Karter İlkokulu, İskele, North Cyprus

Employment / Internship History

2015 Summer Instructor- Eastern Mediterranean University- International Summer School, Famagusta North Cyprus

  • English language teacher

 2014- Present Senior Instructor - Eastern Mediterranean University- School of Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School, Famagusta, North Cyprus

  • English language teacher
  • Part-time status senior instructor (16 hours a week)

 2014- Present Modern Dance Instructor – Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, North Cyprus

  • Modern dance instructor
  • SPRB331
  • University elective course

 2014 English Language Teaching – Lucky Duck Learning Center, Famagusta, North Cyprus

  • Teaching English to young learners ( 4-6 ages)
  • Acting as a facilitator for developing productivity, creativity, learning and autonomy of intended learners.

 2013- 2014 Research Assistant - Faculty of Health Sciences, Eastern Mediterranean University

  • Working at Dean's office as a research assistant
  • Category C (Full time assistant)
  • Working as the translator / interpreter of the faculty
  • Performing invigilation duties during exams
  • Assistant teacher of SPRB331 (Modern Dance, Elective Course)
  • Assessing homework, quiz, laboratory reports and other similar assignments for assigned courses
  • Providing help in the organizations of various activities such as exams, accreditation work, congress, conference, seminar
  • Along with the academic duties, undertaking administrative duties assigned
  • Helping with the course preparation and/or helping in the regular functioning of the laboratory / studios

 2012 Internship- GMTMK

  • Taught English as a Foreign Language
  • 8th grade students
  • 3 months long internship
  • Graded by Reference 1.
  • For more information please contact with Reference 1.

 2011 Internship (Observation) – EMU Preparatory School, NKL, GMTMK 

  • Observing the teachers' approaches, methods, techniques, attitudes, behavior and students' learning styles, motivation, misbehavior, etc…
  • 3 months long observation
  • Graded by Reference 1.
  • For more information please contact with Reference 1.

 2010-2011 English Language Teacher - Famagusta Municipality Atatürk Kindergarten

  • Volunteer worker for community services.
  • Taught English as a Foreign Language
  • Children aged between 4-12

 2010- Present Freelance Translator

  • English-Turkish / Turkish- English
  • European Union Projects Translation experiences
  • Academic translations for Eastern Mediterranean University (curriculum, etc..)


  • Languages: English, Turkish and French (Basic)
  • Computer: Excel, Word, Power-point, SPSS


  • 1993 – 2013 Ballet Education
  • 1995 – 2013 Piano & Vocal Training (certificated)
  • 2011 Dance Instructor Training & Examination (certificated)
  • 2013 – Present Entellekteüel Newspaper , Professional Authoring


  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Fatoş Erozan, Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Education, English Language Instructor (Internship and Thesis Advisor) Tel: 0533 862 3981

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