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EMU International Summer School Organised an Arabian Night

EMU International Summer School Organised an Arabian Night
Published Date: Monday, 15 August 2016

Every week, EMU ISS organizes a theme night to celebrate the diverse cultures participating in the Summer school program; this diversity proves that EMU AND EMU ISS are indeed multicultural.

The previous week, Africa and its people were celebrated and the people who attended the African Night were informed about some amazing facts about Africa and her people, they also enjoyed African food and entertainment. Last week another theme night was organized celebrate the Arabs amongst us. The event which took place on the 11th of August at the the EMU Beach Club witnessed the attendance of the EMU ISS students, Assistants, Staff and other invited guests. The event began at 9pm with a speech from the ISS Coordinator, Mrs. Ozgur Tascioglu, soon after there was a video presentation showing the different Arabic Nations, and then a welcome song was presented by the ISS ESS which everyone enjoyed.

It was indeed a hilarious night as the ISS Theatre Class with the help of a few assistants presented drama skits to portray different common things that go on amongst Arabs for instance Arabic boys quarreling and unable to decide who pays for a meal after they eat in a restaurant, Arabic girls and how they gossip, how Arab guys talk to their mothers and girlfriends on the phone etc. The Theatre class also mimicked a few staff and assistants, the audience could not contain their laughter at these performances. It was a jolly night indeed, so many more presentations were made, there was loads of Arabic music and dance, games were played so the audience could participate. The food and dessert were an Arabic menu and it was amazing.

This Arabic Night 2016 is indeed historic because for the first time ever in EMU ISS, we witnessed the unveiling of an invention at the Arabic Night. Miss Lina Alkhatib an ISS student from Palestine with the help of her teacher Mr Harid invented a game called "The Game". When asked about her invention, she explained it and said, "The game sees a player shooting at his enemies in an attempt to save his life, the more he shoots, the more points he wins" she also said making the game took about five days and she wouldn't have done it without the help of her teacher. She admitted that she is grateful for the opportunity to be part of EMU ISS 2016 because it gave her a chance to be an inventor". People who played the game admitted that they enjoyed it said it was even more fun playing a game whose inventor they know.

Before the event ended, Certificates were awarded to the students who had successfully completed their Summer School Program and also to students who had been active in the theatre class. Just like every other night at EMU ISS, Arabic night was memorable and we're indeed glad we witnessed it.

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