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EMU ISS Scintillating Gala Night (Hawaiian Night)

EMU ISS Scintillating Gala Night (Hawaiian Night)
Published Date: Friday, 28 July 2017

The evening of 27th July 2017 was indeed a 'gallant' one in all parameters. By about 20:30 TRT, sizeable numbers of ISS participants and International Affairs and Promotion assistants started arriving the venue of the event-EMU Beach club.

Different glittering outfits adorned by the ISS participants and guests were attested to the readiness of attendants to dine and wine together in a very relax atmosphere. At few minutes after 21:00 TRT, the serenity observed was a pointer that an enjoyable night is ensured. As at when staffs of International Affairs and Promotion, Rector's office and ISS teachers were almost present, the evening event kicked off proper.

The Vice-Rector of International Affairs and Promotion, the person of Prof. Dr. Cem Tanova delivered a welcome speech. His speech, mixed of academic and personal development hints was excellent and informatively balanced enough for the very attentive audiences.

A certificate ceremony was held whereby various students who successfully completed their Summer School Program were awarded. There were performances from assistants of the EMU ISS ranging from singing to traditional instrument drumming. The night ended with a dance competition from all the assistants and their various groups. It was indeed a night to remember.

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