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Celebrating the Beyarmudu Festival

Celebrating the Beyarmudu Festival
Published Date: Monday, 7 August 2017

A place about 30km and half-hour drive from the city of Famagusta is the native settlement of Beyarmudu. Popularly attributed to this nicely scenery community is the yearly festival named after the city (The Bayarmudu Festival).

This year's Bayarmudu Festival was on Thursday 3rd August 2017 where the large community of Beyarmudu hosted the EMU International Summer School (EMU ISS) participants. The evening session of the festival which was already live by 20:45 TRT featured several programs that include traditional music, dance performances and display of locally hand-made crafts, traditional artifacts, and food items.

At the festival, the mixed-cultural presentation hosted various cultures from France, Russia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and TRNC. Several display of traditional foods at the stands were patronized by the EMU ISS participants, as they had the opportunity to buy and eat various Cyprus delicacies.

Before returning back to the campus, EMU ISS participants took several group photographs with event performers, community representatives, friends.

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