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My hobbies iclude watching movies especially sci-fi movies. Chrıstopher Nolan is one director of movies i really love and one promınent movie he directed ıs “Inception”. Driving cars also intrigue my fancy especially fast cars, I also love Climbing.
In this currently ongoing EMU International Summer School program my position is assisting in Classroom operations in any capacity.
Beng social is a personality trait i possess and i also see myself as easy going and also love to be fun around people. Its quite exciting when i make new acquaintance and when i start getting close to them i try to make fun so as to get them comfortable. Fellow Co-workers and friends always say i joke a lot. .

Working in a team especially with international people is really fascinating because this way i get to meet people with different ideas and perspective and this is one reason why i love EMU International Summer School more so, it also gives me the medium to make new friends and learn different cultures from different people.