I study Business Administration in the faculty of Business and Economics and i am from Uzbek. Psychology is something that fascinates me, the idea of understanding human mind and behaviour. Music and video editing are also activities i love doing.
Currently in the ongoing EMU International Summer School i multitask in different positions however my main job position is in the database section and orientation of new students.
One interesting fact about me amongst many others is that i have a black belt in taekwando. More so, i once took part in Subject Olympics and Science weeks in my country when i was in high school and i came third place in the whole country. Currently in Bsc program in EMU i am on a 100% Scholarship. Also, i have been working with the international office since last summer.

Further more, i liase with the international office and international society associations and the university as a whole as i am the  president of the student council.
I actually love EMU International summer school because  there are a lot of activities and we get to meet new and amazing people, but the only sad part of it is these people get to travel back to their countries however, it is a nice feeling to meet new people, new ideas and new cultures