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 My department is Radio, Television and Film studies in the Faculty of Communication and Media Studıes. I am from the beautiful city of Hebron in Palestine. Hebron is one of the old cities that belongs to Prophet Ibrahim. I love to do many things but photography gives me joy. The ability to capture memories in still images is quite fascinating; I also love horse riding, reading and travelling. In this year's Summer school program, I currently work as an assistant with the Media Team, my main duty is photography which is an art I adore so much hence the job comes very easy for me. 

While in my country, I worked as a journalist in a conflict area and also studied Journalism in my country Palestine for a while before I transferred to EMU to complete my studies. I am 30 years old and still studying as an undergraduate in the university but then, it is not the end of the world for me because I believe that "it is not how far you go but how well". So far, I have been able to improve in various aspects of my life, I have improved with languages, I speak English, Arabic, Hebrew and also basic Turkish.

I joined EMU International Summer School because I'm interested in learning new cultures, new people, and new ideas and in relation to learning new things; I was opportune to visit Italy this summer where I had the chance to celebrate the 3000th birthday of Rome with Italians.

I encourage everyone to join EMU International Summer School because it is a very good platform for them to meet new people, improve their skills, languages, knowledge about other cultures and people's behavior.